A Sort of a Manifesto

NASA Visualization of gamma rays radiating from the center of the Milky Way, 2012 - illustration for A Sort of Manifesto blog

NASA Visualization of gamma rays radiating from the center of the Milky Way, 2012

I believe that making art is a means of giving form and voice to the intangible, the unknown, the mysterious and the unspoken. Art provides access to the inner world of the artist who made it and offers a glimpse – a captured moment – of their connection with a divine universe as they alone have experienced it.

In February 2016, a team of physicists based primarily at Cal Tech University in California, USA, announced that they had made a breakthrough discovery. They had recorded and confirmed the existence of gravity waves,” something previously only theorised by physicist Albert Einstein some 100 years ago, but now a measurable force that potentially allows us to ‘see’ and connect to multiple universes across vast reaches of time and space.

A facet can be defined as one side of something many-sided. Imagine a ray of light passing through a naturally-occurring facet of a clear quartz crystal. As the ray of light passes into the stone, it undergoes both a total internal reflection that is returned to the eye as its perceived ‘brilliance,’ but is simultaneously split, refracted and dispersed outwards as many bright and multihued points of light. From one source of light and one stone, a multitude of facets are created and connected – all are uniquely individual and yet are also reflections of their source.

While artists, from early human history to the present day, are not usually employed as theoretical physicists, they have also long been aware of a limitless sense of connectedness between all things, all beings and all dimensions.  These artists’ work allowed them to express their visions of their inner worlds and the places their inquisitive minds and souls would allow them to travel to in spiritual explorations.

Unlimited facets of creation reflecting through time and space across a multi-layered universe without boundaries – the place I know as the multiverse. As you explore this website, I’d like you to think of it as joining me on a journey to the places where boundaries dissolve and possibility grows, where echoes overlap and time is circular, not linear, and where eternal connection flows freely — limitless, timeless.  

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